Effiwater. The waterworks company

Effiwater performs network monitoring tasks through inspections and leak and fraud detections. It has also developed a new information system that allows the collection of all the necessary information to generate eco-audits and sustainable management plans, especially important to ensure efficient facilities.

Inspection and Detection.
  • Network Control.
  • Leak detections.
  • Detection of buried items.
  • Inspection of CCTV networks / ultrasound.
  • Geophysics (Prospecting of land and materials laboratory.)
  • Mapping (Mapping networks, CAD, GIS-based projects).
  • Quality certifications.

Efficiency and Sustainability.
  • Technical inspections of water.
  • Eco-audits.
  • Efficient and sustainable water management.
  • Management plans.

Analysis and technical detection of frauds.

In addition to the services mentioned, Effiwater is able to offer a range of auxiliary services for properties that allow comprehensive management of all the plumbing, meter reading and replacements. On the other hand, its laboratories can perform any type of chemical analysis.

Works and services.
  • Plumbing, electricity, masonry and reforms.
  • Replacement of pipes and drains.
  • Heritage Conservation.
  • Remodeling and architectural works.
  • Complete maintenance of housing.

Water Meters.
  • Reading.
  • Invoicing.
  • Sale.
  • Installation and assembly.
  • Remote reading.
  • Laboratory, calibration, storage.


  • Biological analysis.
  • Microbiological analysis.
  • Physical-Chemical analysis.

Water process and treatment.

Effiwater offers its clients engineering in water treatment process.

Advanced solutions through modular facilities responding to the needs of:

  • Water supply treatment.
  • Urban waste water treatment .
  • Industrial waste water treatment.
  • Seawater and brackish desalination.
  • Reuse of treated water.

These proposals by Effiwater allow mobility and flexibility to change location, if required. They are suitable for small municipalities that don’t need big treatment plants, as well as for municipalities which have experienced a large increase in population.

Additionally, advanced equipment is provided for the process at different stages of water treatment (filtration, pretreatment, lamellar clarifiers, DAF units, physical-chemical, biological reactors, sludge conditioning, disinfection by UV, ozonizers, chlorinators). Some of the advantages of Effiwaters solutions are:

  • Minimum need of civil works.
  • Optimum adjusting in time and cost for each project.
  • Easy transportation and instalation.
  • Lower cost than a conventional treatment plant. Easy O&M procedures.
  • Shorter time of delivery.