Effiwater. The waterworks company

Effiwater offers a model of customer satisfaction and expectations that allows once known their needs and expectations, to establish appropriate corrective action to meet them.


Effiwater offers to perform the following actions:

Perceived Quality Assessment of customers by:
  • General Surveys Customer Satisfaction: Focus on those stages of the most important service for customers.
  • Surveys on specific business processes: Assessment of perceived quality of the customers who have been involved in any relevant business process.
Objective Quality Assessment achieved in the different channels of contact with customers through:
  • Telephone Service Customer Service audits.
  • Provided service at commercial offices audits.

These audits are performed by the technique of the call or mystery shopper, with good training and experience to meet the different business processes.

Effiwater, can model and detect the differences between customer expectations (perceived quality) and the assessment of our service (Quality Objective). This difference and further analysis could help define corrective actions to reduce the differences that occur between the two performances.